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$1 Million Powerball Prize Saves Electrician from Foreclosure

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Electrician wins $1 MIllion Powerball

Larry Chandler wins $1 million prize, saves home from foreclosure. Photo by Hoosier Lottery

Fortune smiled on Larry Chandler for a change.  The Highland, Indiana man had 180 days to redeem his winning Powerball ticket but Chandler did it in less than a day.

On Thursday morning, Larry was at the Indianapolis lottery headquarters bright and early. He wanted to be among the first in line to collect his share of the $587.5 million drawing. In spite of the winnings, Chandler says he’ll be back on the job Monday after taking care of a few things. He wants to hire a tax advisor and a financial planner.

Larry has been living with his girlfriend’s family because his own home is in foreclosure. Now that he has some money at his disposal, he has some plans. He wants to help out his mother. He has plans to start a college fund for his daughter. And in the immediate future, he plans to take his girlfriend to dinner at Red Lobster.

The numbers he played were numbers he picked himself. He picked the numbers himself and matched all but the Powerball number. The Highland Citgo on Kennedy Avenue in Indianapolis sold Chandler the winning ticket, sparking Citgo employee Keith Barnes was pleased that one of his customers had such good fortune.

Another million-dollar ticket was sold in Vincennes, IN. Two more million-dollar winners were sold in Central Illinois. One ticket each was sold in Arizona and Missouri that matched all six numbers. Those winners will share the half-billion dollar prize.

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