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16-Year-Old Cancer Patient Finishes ‘Bucket List’

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16 year old cancer patient completes bucketlist

Alice Pyne, 16 and with terminal cancer, completes her bucket list. Photo courtesy of ITV News

A diagnosis of terminal cancer hasn’t stopped Alice Pyne from achieving her dreams. The 16 year old Ulverston, England girl compiled a bucket list and completed all the items on it.


Pyne became an Internet celebrity when she chose to post her bucket list on her blog a little over a year ago. Since then, followers from around the globe have been sending help so she could complete her list.


Among some of her accomplishments were attending her school prom, swimming with sharks and meeting her favorite band, Take That. To celebrate checking off the last item on her list she is rewarding herself with a little whale watching in Canada.

Publishing the list was not on Pyne’s mind when she began composing it. She was overwhelmed by the response once she did, however. It was her mom’s idea and the list wound up with 17 items on it. The achievement she is most proud of is getting 40,000 people to sign up for the bone marrow donor list.

Her original list contained the wish that she might become a dolphin trainer but had to alter that to swimming with the sharks. She also participated in a dog show with her Labrador retriever, Mabel. The final item – the whale watching excursion – was something she didn’t think she’d be able to pull off. Her parents took care of the arrangements and surprised her with the trip to Vancouver.

Pyne is still engaged in charitable fundraising, along with her sister and the rest of her family. She and her sister have received the British Empire Medals for their efforts with charity work. Her parents are undertaking a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro in order to help families with seriously ill kids be able to take vacations.

Vicky Pyne, Alice’s mother, is grateful for the time they’ve had and the things they’ve been able to do. She knows many families have very little time when a terminal diagnosis comes along. Knowing Alice is going to die is an awful knowledge to carry but having these special memories, she believes, will help.

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