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8-Month-Old Baby Laughs at Ripping Paper…

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Meet Micah McArthur – 8 months old in this video – being absolutely bowled over by paper being ripped apart – gleeful, uber attentive, laughing to the hilt.

If you want to laugh along with the lil guy, feel free. His dad sounded like he was, part joy, part wonder that something like this can make his baby crack up.

Notice how Micah waits with such avid anticipation for the next paper to rip. And how he laughs at times to the point where he might actually hold his sides in sweet delirium.

Oh, and by the way, his dad was ripping up a rejection letter he received for a job he applied for. Micah was probably thinking, “Yeah Dad, let’s rip it up. It’s their loss, not yours, big fella.”

There’s joy in the little things. Micah imparts that so well through his complete delight at the simple ripping of paper. Though we may be the guardians, guides and teachers of children, there is a lot we can learn from them. They, in their own way, can be incredible little teachers – Micah being a perfect example of that.

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