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Brain Implant May Help Alzheimer’s Patients

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Brain Implant May Help Alzheimer's Patients

Brain Implant May Help Alzheimer's Patients

Alzheimer’s is one of the many ailments that are relatively unknown to the medical world; despite millions of dollars being spent on research there haven’t been any truly major breakthroughs in a long time, at least until now. This week a medical report released shows that there might be a very promising new treatment available for Alzheimer’s patients in the near future, and it comes in the form of an implant.

The new Alzheimer’s implant is still in development and testing but preliminary reports are looking very promising. The implant was designed around a heart pacemaker and doctors say that it functions very similarly as well. Basically the implant will continue to stimulate the patient’s brain in a number of locations with various inputs that are apparently able to significantly reduce the affects of Alzheimer’s disease on the brain.

This is great news because it might be the biggest treatment breakthrough ever for Alzheimer’s patients. Doctors are working rapidly to begin more in dept testing so that hopefully soon they will be able to release this treatment and control system to the public. For the millions of people that suffer from Alzheimer’s this could be the greatest medical advancement of all time.

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