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Buried Treasure: Gold Chain Found Off Florida Keys

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Mysterious Chest

What Lies Within?

A 40-inch, 55-link gold chain, featuring an enameled gold cross and a two-sided, engraved religious medallion of the Virgin Mary and a chalice, was found on the ocean floor about 35 miles west of Key West. Valued at about $250,000, the chain is believed to be from the Spanish galleon, Nuestra Senora de Atocha, which smashed against a coral reef and sank with more than 250 people onboard during a 1622 hurricane. Bill Burt, a diver for Mel Fisher’s Treasures, discovered the piece last week.

When the Fisher crew originally uncovered the location of the sunken galleon back in 1985, most of the treasure-laden ship had been found, but a major portion called the stern castle remained missing. At that time, the Fisher crew recovered some $450 million in artifacts and precious jewelry. In search of this missing section, Burt spotted the dazzling chain and scooped it from its resting place on the ocean floor.

The lure of sunken treasure chests brimming with priceless, breathtaking gems at the bottom the sea instills a lust for adventure and untold riches in the hearts and minds of thrill-seekers. The quest for endless wealth glittering there, just for the taking, is an unparalleled inspiration that draws thrill seekers to a perilous and sometimes deadly edge.

Sunken treasure represents an underlying hope that better times are in the wings, like the words of that old song, Happy days are here again. The human spirit must follow that dream and it will prevail, hopefully a lot richer than before.

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