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Cat Adopts Three Ducklings…


It’s not clear from the video how these ducklings were initially found, but they were found by a couple on their farm.

When the couple got to the ducklings, their cat (Dela) had one of them in its mouth. They initially feared the worse. But then they realised the duckling wasn’t being held aggressively.

So they decided to place Dela and the ducklings down. To their amazement, the ducklings went over to Dela and nestled close to her as if she were their mother, and she laid on her side and nurtured them like they were her own.

This is unusual, not just because it’s one species mothering a different species (which is a huge unusual in itself), but because cats apparently tend to eat birds.

Another amazing thing, and perhaps an explanation for why Dela didn’t harm them, is that she gave birth to three of her own kittens very shortly before she found the ducklings. In the video, you can see her nurturing her kittens as well as the ducklings. They all look terribly cute.

The narrator explains,

  • “for a narrow window of a couple of hours, mothering hormones would have been coursing through her body, causing her to love and nurture any small, warm, furry creature she found next to her.”
  • Who knows where the ducklings’ mother is or what happened to her. It’s a blessing Dela found them though; the timing’s a miracle.

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