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Cat Rescued after Being Stuck Atop a Utility Pole for 3 Days

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Cat rescued after 3 days atop utility pole

Athena being rescued by Animal Control

We’ve all heard stories about the local fireman rescuing a cat stuck in a tree. What happens when the cat is stuck atop a utility pole with powerful electrical cables running off in several directions? That’s what one Las Cruces, New Mexico family found out about recently when the family pet climbed a utility pole and got stuck.

Athena, the cat, climbed the 60-foot power pole in Las Cruces and was unable to get back down. Her cries continued for 3 days as the family tried to determine what to do and prepared for the eventual probability that the cat would die.

El Paso Electric rarely gets involved in saving animals because of their policies concerning safety for their employees. This didn’t leave pet owner David Eason and his family many options but it was time to start weighing them. One idea floated out was to shoot the cat to prevent it from suffering a long, drawn out death from starvation and dehydration. Naturally, Eason’ 16 year old daughter who is the cat’s actual owner, was not in favor of this plan.

The Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Department got involved. Someone there convinced El Paso Electric to turn off the power to that line temporarily and to provide a bucket truck. Then, Lt. Mary Lou ward, a supervisor with Animal Control climbed in the bucket and was lifted to the top of the 60-foot pole where she coaxed Athena from her perch and the rescue was complete.

The family is very grateful for all the assistance they received. Eason says he believes Athena will become an indoor kitty after this adventure.

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