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Chicago Man Finds $17,000 and Returns It

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Chicago Man Finds $17,000 and Returns It

Chicago Man Finds $17,000 and Returns It

This week a man from the suburbs of Chicago has been making headlines for his outsanding honesty. Robert Adams is that man and according to him he was simply doing the right thing by returning something that just was not his.

The story is quite simple but the fact that he was willing to give it all back is the greatest part. Robert was reportedly visiting a local ATM to withdraw some money to pay for his lunch when he happened to stumble upon a box and bag which contained hundreds of receipts and what turned out to be over $17,000 in cash. The money was primarily in $20 and $100 dollar bills but Robert says he immediately realized that there was a large sum of money in the bag.

Immediately after finding the money Robert took the bag into the Chase bank he was visiting. Upon hearing the story the bank employees informed him that the money was not the bank’s and promptly called the police and local bank managers in order to sort out the entire ordeal. After some investigation bank managers determined that the money was meant to go to another Chase ATM in the area but it had been left behind by an employee.

In the end Robert says he had absolutely no thoughts of keeping the money because it did not belong to him. The first thing he thought to do was try to find the rightful owner and that is precisely what he did.

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