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Chicago Starts Green Taxi Project

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Chicago Starts Green Taxi Project

Chicago Starts Green Taxi Project

Just last week Chicago Mayor Richard Daley officially announced Chicago’s revolutionary new “green taxi” project. As the name implies the project is aimed at making taxis more environmentally friendly and it seems Chicago is already heading in the right direction with what they’re planning.

The basis of the project currently is that taxi drivers or taxi companies will be given tax credits and other special deals or rewards for participating. In order to participate taxi companies must operate a certain percentage of their taxis with either a hybrid electric system or other alternative fuels that are better for the environment.

Obviously Chicago hopes that this will lead to an increase in the number of hybrid taxis on the streets in the crowded city. No word yet on exact details have been announced regarding which cab companies are already on board with the project but city analysts say many of the largest taxi cab companies will likely get involved in the near future.

Chicago is not the first city to encourage taxi companies to become greener but few have offered the level of support Chicago is offering. Chicago will reportedly be giving cab companies over $2000 to purchase a hybrid vehicle rather than gas vehicle. The city will also be giving as much as $14,000 to companies which convert existing cabs to a greener fuel like natural gas or propane. In the next year or two analysts say there will likely be a significant increase in greener taxis thanks to this project.

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