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Chinese Space Capsule Docks with Station

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Chinese Space Capsule Docks with Station

Chinese Space Capsule Docks with Station: Credit-AP

hina has been working hard to develop a strong and successful space program and it seems that the hard work may be paying off finally. This week China successfully completed their most difficult and challenging projects yet; successfully docking a space craft with an orbiting object. Much like the International Space Station, China used their own specific space lab to test the docking ability and the test was a success.

Overnight in China the earth based crew worked diligently to monitor all necessary systems and information; after hours of work and waiting the Shenzhou 8 space craft was successful in its attempts to dock with the space lab. For those working on the Chinese space program and the Chinese public in general this is a major milestone as it means they are in fact ready to begin building their very own orbiting research station similar to ISS.

No word yet on when China is planning to begin launching their own space station but analysts say it could be soon. This milestone in space is one of the largest most countries have even faced and it is truly amazing that China was able to accomplish this given how young the country’s space program is. The future of space travel from China is very bright and this is just another sign that the Chinese space program is going to continue growing rapidly as the research continues to develop successful methods and successful craft.

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