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Colonoscopies Proven to Reduce Deaths

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Colonoscopies Proven to Reduce Deaths

Colonoscopies Proven to Reduce Deaths

Colonoscopies are recommended for most people regardless of medical history simply due to the fact that colon cancer is nearly undetectable otherwise. Many people simply ignore their doctors recommendations and skip out on the testing and a study released today proves that this is not a good idea. The good news is that the study also confirmed that those who regularly receive colonoscopies have a significantly lower change of dying from colon cancer.


In general a colonoscopy is important to help identify when there is a problem but more importantly, regular colonoscopies are necessary in order to quickly catch what could become a significant problem. Doctors say that many patients simply wait too long so when they find colon cancer it is already a big problem. Frequent and routine colonoscopies might not be the most appreciated recommendation for many patients but at least there is proof once again that they do in fact help save lives.


Due to the way colon cancer develops and how quickly it can become a problem doctors have significantly less trouble treating colon cancer when it is caught early. Consistent and regular colonoscopies have always been recommended for this very reason but it was not until this study came out that we had an actual link between routine colonoscopies and cancer death reduction. This is absolutely great news because it is one of the few significant and consistent links between testing and a reduction in cancer deaths in patients of all ages.

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