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Cancer Screening Methods Will Be Reviewed Soon

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Consumer Reports Begins Reviewing Cancer Screenings

Cancer Screening Methods Will Be Reviewed Soon

Consumer Reports is a widely respected company when it comes to reviewing any and all consumer products. Nearly everything you can imagine is reviewed by them and now it looks like they’re getting into another controversial but important market. Today Consumer Reports announced that they will officially begin testing and reviewing a number of cancer screening tests in the coming months.

The motive behind these reviews is pretty simple, early screening saves lives by detecting cancer, so Consumer Reports wants to provide a simple to understand review of exactly which tests cover what and how they work. Many tests are complicated or painful and offer almost no valuable information so consumer reports is hoping to make it possible for average people to understand exactly what they’re getting into and that is absolutely great news.

Of course doctors are a little bit leery of the results but they say more information is always good. Consumer Reports is encouraging people to always consult and listen to their doctors as a primary source of information, their reviews should only be used as a supplement. Either way it is great to see someone is finally doing some real world information gathering about these important and sometimes lifesaving tests.

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