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Doctor’s Save Man’s Hand With Unique Procedure

Doctor’s Save Man’s Hand With Unique Procedure

Doctor’s Save Man’s Hand With Unique Procedure

Today an interesting and somewhat bizarre news story has been spreading and at first it seems almost unbelievable. A man in China accidentally cut off his hand in an industrial machine accident and while for most there would be no way to save the hand, the doctors in China successfully managed to save his hand. The radical procedure used to save the man’s hand hadn’t been used before and doctors weren’t sure if it was even possible, but after multiple surgeries the man’s hand was successfully grafted onto his calf for temporary survival.

Due to the severity of the damage to the man’s arm it was not possible to immediately reattach it. In order to make things work doctors surgically attached the hand to the man’s calf so it would get a constant supply of oxygen and blood to stay alive. Then once his arm and wrist area had successfully recovered enough doctors removed the hand and placed it back where it should be. The entire story seems farfetched and impossible but it is in fact true, it is an absolutely heartwarming story of just how innovative medicine can be. Now after some recovery time has passed the man has complete movement and feeling in his hand, which is something many doctors believed would never be possible.


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