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Doctors Successfully Implant Synthetic Windpipe

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Doctors Successfully Implant Synthetic Windpipe

Doctors Successfully Implant Synthetic Windpipe-- Source: BBC News

Scheduled for release tomorrow this unnamed patient has received the first of what will likely become a popular surgery. The man was originally given almost no chance for survival because he had extensive cancer in his throat but thanks to the creation of a synthetic windpipe the man has been given a second life essentially.

Doctors implanted the artificial windpipe and trachea on June 9th and ever since then the patient has been undergoing testing, treatment, and recovery procedures. Today however the world found out that the recovery went much quicker than expected as the patient will be released from the hospital tomorrow morning.

Up until this surgery such a transplant had never been attempted but doctors are beginning to agree that synthetic transplants may be the way of the future. The recovery was incredibly quick according to doctors affiliated with the operation and they say that the technology used could easily be translated to numerous other body parts and organs that may need replaced for one reason or another.

Overall the operation was 100% successful according to the medical team responsible for it. They are currently in the process of writing up an official medical journal release which will detail the operation and procedure and after that they anticipate that significant testing will likely take place to determine what other critical body parts could be replaced by a similar surgery. This is great news for everyone as it will likely lead to much higher survival rates in many types of cancers and other deadly illnesses.

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