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Drugstore Decides to Stop Selling Tobacco


Drugstore Decides to Stop Selling Tobacco

Drugstore Decides to Stop Selling Tobacco

Today CVS, one of the largest drugstore chains, announced that soon they will no longer be carrying tobacco or tobacco products. The announcement came as part of their new push for healthier decisions and overall wellness of their customers and as you can imagine it generated lots of reactions today. Obviously there are lots of reason for a decision like this but as a whole it is being considered an absolutely brilliant step forward and will likely be good news for society and the company.

Smoking and tobacco are becoming more and more of an outcast of society due to various health issues, despite this nearly every large chain store has continued to sell the product. CVS is the first big company to step up and fight against tobacco by stopping sales and many experts are hopeful that this will eventually spread to other major store as well. Either way it is great news to see a large corporation fighting against smoking and tobacco in the strongest way possible. CVS will officially pull tobacco out of their stores nationwide by October 1st, only time will tell if it makes any impact or whether any other companies decide to follow suit.


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