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Father Dying of Cancer Writes 800 Napkin Notes for His daughter’s Future Lunches

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Father with cancer leaves notes for daughter

Man dying of cancer leaves napkin notes for his daughter

Garth Callaghan has been battling cancer since 2011 He first learned he had prostate cancer in November of 2011. He was diagnosed with kidney cancer twice more after that. According to his oncologist, he is going to die from it. That hasn’t stopped him from trying to be the best father he can be.

The 44-year-old father will probably not live to see his daughter, Emma, graduate from high school. Hois prognosis is 90% that he will pass away within the next five years. In order to make sure Emma has a little piece of him in her life every day, he is on a mission to make 800 napkin notes for all her future lunches.
It’s something he has done for her every day since she was in second grade. The notes contains quotes, words of inspiration or messages of love. For example, one note reads, “Dear Emma, Sometimes when I need a miracle, I look in to your eyes and realize I’ve already created one. Love, Dad.”

Not wanting to end the practice and knowing what it will mean to her, Garth plans to make 826 such notes to cover the four and a half years’ worth of lunches she will eat between now and her graduation from high school. He wants them ready in case he can’t be around to do it on a daily basis.

He is hoping his efforts won’t go unnoticed with other parents too. He believes it is important to make a daily connection with your kids and this is such a simple and heartfelt way to do it. So far, Garth has 740 napkins done with only 86 left to write out. What a remarkable message of love.

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