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Google Releases Maps for iOS 6

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Google Releases Maps for iOS 6

Google Releases Maps for iOS 6

Ever since iOS 6 came out users have been complaining about the horrible issues plaguing Apple’s new map system. Google has been working on making Google Maps available for iOS 6 for quite some time now and this week it finally has happened.

This week Google officially got the approval for Google Maps to be available in the Apple App Store so that iPhone and iPad users everywhere can now start using Google Maps as an alternative to Apple Maps. This is great news because nearly everyone agrees that Apple Maps has been filled with issues ever since it came out. Thousands of people have even reported getting completely lost while following Apple Maps so this will definitely make a big difference for anyone that depends on an iPhone for navigation and directions.

Downloading Google Maps is still completely free and takes just a matter of seconds from the App Store. The app is available right now and Google is already working on additional upgrades and changes so that Google Maps will continue to improve and get better as time goes by, making it the absolute best map system available for iOS 6.


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