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Google Sends Support Message Via Doodle

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Google Sends Support Message Via Doodle

Google Sends Support Message Via Doodle

Recently Google has been doing more and more with their homepage doodle and today is one of the more inspiring doodle’s they have had. Today’s Google doodle was created to show support and encouragement for the Winter Olympic athletes while also showing support for the gay community as a whole. Leading up to the beginning of the Winter Olympics there have been numerous clashes and comments about gay athletes and the community and this is Google’s way of getting the message of support out to the world.

Essentially Google’s hope with this doodle was to raise awareness and show support for a group of athletes that have been getting little support in Sochi. Russia’ Vladamir Putin has been openly opposed to gay athletes and while he has changed his public stance it was still a major source of outrage. Google and other groups are working hard to bring equality to the games and they’re hopeful that the message behind today’s Google doodle will bring awareness to the discrimination that was ongoing.

Check out the doodle on Google’s homepage today and see the message for yourself. It is an inspiring and important message and Google is doing a great job at promoting equality even when others fight against it.


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