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India Has Polio Free Year

India Has Polio Free Year

India Has Polio Free Year

Polio is one of the world’s most dreaded diseases and in the past it has been a big deal in developing countries like India for quite some time but today we got some good news regarding the disease. India has officially gone one full year without and recorded or suspected cases of Polio which is absolutely great news for the dozens of organizations working to wipe out the disease.

Of course doctors in the area say that the fight is not over, continued immunization is required as the disease is far from eradicated but for now they’re definitely happy to see the significant decline in the number of new cases. Children in particular are much more at risk for contracting polio which is why much of the humanitarian efforts were focused on children and it definitely seems like it has worked as the number of cases is down to the record low of 0 reported cases.

Doctors and medical professionals alike are still working to develop new vaccines and cures for polio despite the significant decline in cases just in case a future flare up would happen. For now though it is great news to see that yet another major developing country has managed to win the fight against polio, this clearly means that other major diseases are likely to be dealt with in the near future as long as the development continues for the next few years.

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