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Instagram Reunites 2 Sisters Who Haven’t Seen Each Other for 18 Years

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Two sisters are reunited after 18 because of post on Instagram.

Modern technology has been behind some of the most amazing stories of this century. This one comes from social media site, Instagram.

Nia Edwards, 23, had been out of touch with her 42 year old sister Brenda for roughly 18 years. After trying to find her through social networks Facebook and MySpace, Nia turned to Instagram, a photo sharing site. The two were reconnected about 2 weeks ago.

Nia found Brenda’s page and left a comment explaining who she was, asking if Brenda was indeed Brenda Edwards, the daughter of Milton Edwards and told her sister she hadn’t seen her since she was 4 or 5 but loved her very much.

Brenda responded that she was the right ‘Brenda Edwards’ and that she, too, had been looking for her sister. She asked if Nia had a phone.

Because of the social media hook up, not only were the 2 sisters reunited but Nia is going to get to meet an older brother she has never met before, Milton. He is planning a trip to visit Nia in Hazlehurst, Miss. over the summer.

Nia is excited because even though the 2 women barely know each other, it feels as if they’ve known each other their whole lives. The younger sibling is also hoping to reconnect with 2 other siblings, Maurice and Candace. In the meantime, they are keeping in touch via Instagram by commenting on each other’s photos.

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