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Jay-Z Planning Charity Concert

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Jay-Z Planning Charity Concern

Jay-Z Planning Charity Concert

Jay-Z is a leader in the music industry and this week he announced that he would be holding a couple of very special events this spring. The events are set to be charity events which will benefit a specific scholarship fund in New York to help support kids desires to continue with their education.

Jay-Z reportedly decided to hold these charity events because of his personal battles with education and school. Jay-Z has admitted in the past that he did not ever finish high school and he has made it quite clear that he is bothered by that fact and this is exactly why he has become such a huge spokesperson for school and education for children. Through all of his work he has begun promoting education and these concerts are just the biggest and best step thus far which will hopefully raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a very deserving charity in New York.

The two concerts are going to take place at Carnegie Hall in early February and like most charity events it will not be open for general public sale. Tickets are expected to range from $500 to thousands of dollars per seat which will definitely help raise some serious money; of course the performance will not be completely private as public tickets may end up becoming available at a later date depending on how high of demand the concert brings in. Either way the charity event from Jay-Z is great news for education advocates everywhere.

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