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Lego Helps Out A Loyal Fan

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Lego Helps Out A Loyal Fan

Lego Helps Out A Loyal Fan

This week Lego made headlines after they went to some pretty extreme lengths to make a young boy incredibly happy. James Groccia of Massachusetts has Asperser’s Syndrome and has been saving money to purchase a very specific Lego set he saw two years ago, not long ago he finally had enough money to purchase the set when he unfortunately found out it was no longer being made. The boy’s parents quickly set out to take care of the issue by finding an old set somewhere online, but unfortunately they found that this set had become somewhat of a valuable collector’s item.

The truly touching part of this story began when the parents reached out to Lego. Lego replied to the family with disappointing news saying that they truly had stopped manufacturing it and there was not much they could do. Then, a few weeks later, a box showed up at the family’s home with James’s name on it, it was none other than the very collectible Lego set he wanted to badly, sent as a gift from Lego themselves.

James and his family had commented time and time again how Lego might just be the best company out there and this goes to show they’re probably right. It is nice to see that even in today’s world a huge company like Lego can reach out and make one kid happy with something as small as a toy.

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