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Marathon Runner Finishes Race at 100

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Source: BBC News

The marathon is a long distance event that is about 26 miles long and normally held on a road. The event is held in commemoration of the famous run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides.

The soldier ran from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens. The marathon began in the Olympics in 1896 and became a regular part in 1921. Greater than 500 events are held in the world each year.

Recently, a marathon runner finished a 26 mile marathon and was praised for his finish that was not in the top three, or four or even five. Fauja Singh entered the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon Sunday and came in exactly last, behind everyone. Fauja, even though he finished last, could not have been more pleased with his performance.

It took him about eight hours to run the 26 mile course. Running at a speed of little more than 3 miles per hour, Singh was a sight to behold in his yellow turban and matching tee shirt. Singh moved to England after the deaths of his wife and son and soon thereafter, began to run in races. He has completed eight marathons so far and is very pleased with his performance.

Singh says his secret is living his life without smoking or alcohol, eating a vegetarian diet. His diet consists of curries and berries and little else. He also exercises every day putting in about 10 miles per day, walking and running. Despite the clean living and exercise regime, he still came in a full six hours behind the winner.

Of course, the winner is 38 and Singh is 100 years old and is called the Turbaned Tornado by some.

Singh has become the oldest athlete runner to finish a marathon. Singh was born in India and did not start running marathons until he was in his late eighties, right after the demise of his family. Fauja began running marathons and has no current plans to stop. Singh holds the Record for the 90 year old age group that he obtained at age 92.

Scientist have concluded that a program of physical exercise reduces the chances of cancer, heart disease, and all other old age causes of death by one quarter and raises life expectancy by two years proving that continued exercise provides optimal health into your later years.

Just ask Singh, he plans to keep on running because he feels that it keeps him going and alive.

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