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New Cancer Testing Method Discovered

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New Cancer Testing Method Discovered

New Cancer Testing Method Discovered

This week, through a series of interesting and strange coincidences a new test for testicular cancer has been discovered. The entire ordeal started when a man reportedly posted pictures of a pregnancy test that he himself used, when the results came back positive he was a little confused. Fortunately the kind folks are Reddit suggested that it could be a very bad sign, and further research was conducted.

After a number of interesting theories came up, the general consensus was that the pregnancy test was likely detecting a testicular tumor that produces the same hormones as pregnant women. The man took the advice and went to a doctor, where it was confirmed that he did in fact have testicular cancer. The truly good news is that, while this test method has apparently been known about for a while, this story has managed to spread the knowledge to millions of people.

Of course doctors are not recommending that pregnancy tests be used as the only form of testing, but they are now beginning to test just how effective the test is. Researchers say that they are very hopeful that a simple pregnancy test might be the trick to early detection of testicular cancer, which would absolutely be great news for men all around the globe.

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