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North Korea Asks for Peace with South

North Korea Asks for Peace with South

North Korea Asks for Peace with South

In his first 2013 address Kim Jong Eun made an announcement that has surprised world leaders and reports all around the world. Eun announced that in this coming year he wants to finally put an end to the constant fighting and strike between North and South Korea which would be great news for the entire region.

This announcement came as a huge shock to almost everyone as up until this point they’ve shown no desire to end the ongoing fight. At this point it has not officially been proposed by the North Korean government but they have made it clear that some sort of peace treaty will be proposed in the near future. This is something that millions of people have been waiting for and 2013 might finally be the year for peace between North and South Korea, assuming negotiations go well.

This public address from King Jong Eun has also brought hope to many people in the area as their previous leader had only addressed the public once during his entire rule. Eun is absolutely changing the way North Korea is being led which could make some serious changes for the entire country and their neighbors to the south if things go well.


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