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One-year-old Niece Imitates Beatboxing Uncle…


Heheeee – it’s the simplest of things sometimes!

So in the video, uncle’s holding his one-year-old niece and beatboxing away. Niece looks at him while he’s doing it and smiles. She looks back at the camera as if to say, “OK.”

Uncle speeds up with the lip pyro-technique, then stops.


Uncle looks at niece. Niece looks at uncle. Then she does her version of beatboxing – a short brief mouth sound! To that, he laughs out loud, along with other people in the room!

It’s funny how he does all that beatboxing and all she does in reply is that one sound!, like “yeah, uncle, that’s all you’re gonna get.”

Then when everyone cracks up, she looks at everyone like she’s saying, “what? What’s so funny?”

Notice at the end, she swings her head from side to side?!

Funny old kid! Potential comedian in the making :) .

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