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Paralyzed Bride Walks Down Aisle…

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In 2008, Jennifer Darmon was involved in a car accident in which she sustained a spinal injury. She had to go into rehab for a good while and in all that time her boyfriend Mike Belawetz was dedicated, visiting her three times a week in rehab, a trip that took three hours each time. He didn’t care if she’d end up being able to walk again or not. All he knew is that he wanted to marry her and he told her that.

That seemed to be the motivation Jennifer needed: “I will be walking down that aisle. It’s not an if or a maybe. It is absolutely going to happen.”

On a Saturday afternoon, 16th April 2011, after years of physio, Jennifer kept her word. She walked down the aisle with her leg braces, looking gorgeous and courageous, her dad and brother by her side every step of the way.

When their vows were exchanged, Mike swept his bride off her feet, carrying her down the aisle.

At their wedding reception, they danced, both on their feet and swaying to the music.

What a sweet sweet story, truly beautiful, one that could have ended quite differently. It shows how besotted he is. To him, she was worth all the visits he made to see her. And to her, he was worth walking for.

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