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Paris Cat Cafe Offers Patrons ‘Purr Therapy’ with Their Coffee

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Paris cafe offers 'purr therapy'

Cats are a part of the ambiance at a Paris Cafe. Photo by Gandelon

A new café in Paris is offering patrons a chance to enjoy a little one-on-one time with a member of the cat population while they enjoy their coffee and croissants. The “Cafe des Chats” is situated at the center of the Marais district in France’s capital and most famous city. There, visitors will find a dozen felines weaving between their legs and catnapping on armchairs.

The city’s many apartments often prohibit residents from keeping pets. The eatery seeks to comfort those who love to have a cat companion but aren’t allowed to. Café manager Margaux Gandelon is a firm believer in the benefits “purr therapy” can provide to humans.

She explains that the vibrations that accompany the purring are soothing to arthritis and rheumatism sufferers and that in turn can lower blood pressure and decrease your heartbeat.

During the restaurant’s week long opening, customers stood in long queues that snaked along the sidewalk. Reservations were taken extending out for months and more than 300 would-be patrons had to be turned away.

Gandelon makes the safety and protection of the animals a main focus. Patrons are not allowed to stress the cats and anyone not abiding y the rules will be asked to leave.

The cats were all abandoned or stray cats Gandelon adopted from a pet rescue agency. Habby, is one of those, a little charmer who suffers from feline dwarfism. Habby has an unusually short tail and short paws. After 2 years with foster families, he hadn’t found a home until Margaux came along. Now he is happy and well-adjusted to his new home, looking forward to the daily attention he receives.

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