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Rapid HIV Test Gets Federal Approval

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Rapid HIV Test Gets Federal Approval

Rapid HIV Test Gets Federal Approval

Today the United States government approved what could be the biggest step forwards in HIV testing. For years various researchers and medical professionals have been working on creating an effective and fast HIV test that can be administered at home, and that has finally happened thanks to this approval. The new test claims to be as simple as a normal pregnancy test and will likely cost about the same amount for users.
The at home HIV test will likely not be availble for at least a few more months but sometime soon it will in fact be available to anyone and everyone in pharmacies around the United States. The test is absolutely revolutionary and many medical experts feel that this rapid HIV test will absolutely be great for the HIV effort and may in the long run have a major impact on preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS.
Overall the new at home HIV test is absolutely a great idea for a number of reasons. Never before has it been simple, cheap, or fast to test for HIV and as long as this test is in fact as effective as they claim it will absolutely revolutionize the industry. The fact that it now has an official approval from the government and the FDA is absolutely great and means it will likely be available soon.

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