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Researchers Discover Alzheimer’s Detection Method

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Researchers Discover Alzheimer's Detection Method

Researchers Discover Alzheimer's Detection Method

Alzheimer’s disease has been affecting millions of people every single year and unfortunately there haven’t been many major breakthroughs in terms of treating, diagnosing, or preventing the disease in the past. This week, however, that has changed as a group of medical researchers announced that they may have found what will be the best test for Alzheimer’s in patients.

The studies conducted were focused primarily on brain activity and neurological effects and much to their surprise the researchers found that there are certain traits shown in the brain that eventually lead to Alzheimer’s. This is a major breakthrough because it will make it possible for doctors and neurologists to begin testing for Alzheimer’s in patients well before the onset of symptoms, making treatment much simpler.

This is great news because it means there may finally be a way to diagnose and subsequently prevent Alzheimer’s. It is not a guarantee unfortunately, but doctors say that this link is absolutely enough to at least form a basis for testing and treatment. In the future this discover will then be used to create much more in dept testing and prevention methods that would never have been created without these early detection signs. A follow up study is being conducted to see just how strongly these signals are actually linked to the development of Alzheimer’s in patients.

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