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Reunion 80 Years in the Making Reunites Two Brothers

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Brothers separated as young children are reunited 80 years later.

Brothers like these were separated in 1932 and reunited in 2012

Ed Muir hadn’t seen his younger brother Kenneth Corcoran for 80 years but the lapsed time did not diminish Muir’s ability to recognize his sibling when he stepped off the plane last weekend. The moment he saw Corcoran, he knew he has found his long lost brother.

The last time Muir, 84 and Corcoran, 81, saw each other was in 1932 when their mother died. It was the Great Depression and their father was unable to care for five children on his own. He made the awful decision and Corcoran along with two other siblings were put up for adoption. The siblings lost track of one another. Their father remained in Chicago where he raised Muir and the remaining brother.

The reunion became possible in part because of the nine years that Corcoran’s daughter, Pam Gregerson, devoted to the research. She was ultimately unable to locate her father’s siblings and abandoned the search. In July, her teenage son took up the cause and within 15 minutes had located Muir of Naples, FL.

The meeting was arranged and the brothers were reunited last weekend. The chemistry was there and the men learned they shared many similarities including a love for the same song, “The Wabash Cannonball.”

Gregerson who attended the reunion said the men could be identical twins because the similarities are strong. She said the resemblance goes beyond the visual – the men act alike and even raised their families similarly. Are there any differences? Certainly – Corcoran is a Democrat while his brother is a Republican.

Corcoran said the weekend was the best of his 81 years and that he wished they could see each other every day. Muir said he often what had happened to his three siblings and how they turned out.

As it turns out, Corcoran was eventually adopted and moved to North Dakota. His life saw him enter the Navy, get married and father six children. Following the service he worked as a railroad lineman. The other two siblings that went to the orphanage with him have since died.

The reason it was so difficult to find Muir, in part, was due to the fact that he took his mother’s maiden name. He worked as an electrician while raising his own four children.

Though both regret the lost years, they are glad to have finally gotten the chance to meet and find out about each other’s lives.

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