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Son surprises parents for Christmas with weight loss of 130-pounds

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Lucas Irwin decided he’d had enough of being overweight and in 2013 set out to shed some of his 300 pounds. He kept his efforts a secret from his family for the entire year and surprised them when he came for the holidays at fit and trim weight of 170.

The big moment was captured on video and has been going viral on YouTube. Irwin hid upstairs until his parents entered the house. Then he came down stairs to gasps and excited exclamations as they laid eyes on the new Lucas.

Lucas Irwin

Son loses 130 lbs and surprises family at Christmas. Photo courtesy YouTube screen capture

In an interview with Today, Lucas said he only goes home to visit once or twice each year. He made an excuse for missing the summer visit so his family wouldn’t see how far he’d come already. Even though he’d achieved his goal, he felt jittery waiting for the moment of the big reveal. He described the moment as surreal and said he was shaking throughout it.

His parents, Jeff and Susan Irwin, were overjoyed to see him looking so healthy. Jeff said he was just stunned when he saw his son but on the inside was beaming with pride. Lucas’ stepmom, Susan was moved to tears by what he had accomplished.

Irwin, 25, lost 130 pounds by sticking with a strict eating regimen and changing his diet. He kept a food diary to hold himself accountable and wrote down everything he ate for the entire year. He says 95% of the weight loss came from simply making changes in his diet. He waited until 7 or 8 months into his jour4ney before he started exercising.

Because he was keeping his efforts a secret from his family, he couldn’t turn to them for support. Instead, he relied on the Internet and social media. He especially lauded the Reddit community “Lose It’ where he was able to post about his progress and find tips and other dieting help.

He has struggled with his weight his entire life and on Dec. 28, 2012, made a pledge to himself to make a change. Experts in weight loss Irwin’s method of keeping it to himself was a good one. Statistics show that when you make up your mind to do it for yourself, success rates are much higher than when you rely on others to hold you accountable.

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