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Study Shows Cancer Drug Effectiveness

Study Shows Cancer Drug Effectiveness

Study Shows Cancer Drug Effectiveness

This week a new medical study came out that suggest that a currently available drug is very beneficial to breast cancer patients. The drug, Arimidex, is already available and used in certain cases and according to the report it can have a significant impact on breast cancer risk. The drug was developed to help prevent a patient from developing breast cancer and this preliminary result definitely shows that it was successful.

Surprisingly according to the report the drug had an impact of almost 50% reduction for developing breast cancer. This is a huge deal according to doctors because it could possibly be the most effective potential preventative method for dealing with breast cancer. Breast cancer is obviously a major focus of medical research because it is the most commonly developed cancer and the fact that this drug is so promising is making a lot of doctors incredibly hopeful for the future. Multiple follow up studies are be planned at this point and if the drug continues to show effectiveness like this it might one day be a sort of vaccine or preventative step to reduce breast cancer risk. Only time will tell how well it performs but at this point it is absolutely looking like great news.

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