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Doctors May have Found a Quick Cure for Depression

Doctors May have Found a Quick Cure for Depression

Doctors May have Found a Quick Cure for Depression

Depression is a very real issue for millions of people and in many cases it is essentially crippling. Many people are simply unable to overcome the depression and the problem continues to compound itself until something is done to fix it. Because of this doctors are always working to develop new and innovative ways to combat depression and it looks like they may have finally found a quick treatment for depression.

Doctors and researchers say that current medications for depression are effective but they’re not as fast as many patients would like or need. Because of this doctors have begun testing with other drugs and now it looks like a popular and dangerous underground drug may actually be the miracle drug needed for depression.

Ketamine, more commonly known as Special K, was originally developed as an anesthetic but upon use it immediately became clear that it has significant effects on a patient’s mood. Because of this it quickly became popular on the black market and became highly controlled. Recently though researchers began to test it as a potential depression drug and so far the results are incredibly promising. Doctors say that the same chemicals that made the drug popular on the black market also help treat depression rapidly which might make it exactly what so many doctors and patients have been eagerly searching for for the past few years. Final testing is still underway but many doctors are hopeful that it will be put into use sometime soon.

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Separated Twins Leave Hospital

Separated Twins Leave Hospital

Separated Twins Leave Hospital-- Source:AP

Maria and Teresa are only a little over one year old and they already have an incredible story to tell. The two girls were born conjoined in the chest and last month they began an extensive surgery process to begin the separation process. After nearly a month of surgery, treatment, and recovery the two girls are finally able to leave the hospital where all of the processes took place.

The miraculous surgeries and recovery took place at a hospital right outside of Washington DC and the girls’ family is more than grateful for the incredible treatment they received. The teams of doctors associated with the program worked endlessly in order to guarantee the best possible results and in the end they say that the results are in fact incredibly good as the girls will more than likely be able to lead completely normal lives in the future.

This is a truly incredible story as it is quite uncommon that extensive surgeries like this turn out as successful as this has. Doctors affiliated with the surgeries say that the entire thing went much better than they could have ever hoped and they were more than happy to report that the recovery actually took less time than expected. Maria, Teresa, and their family are now headed back home to the Dominican Republic where they are expected to lead an essentially normal life with a really cool story to tell in the future.

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