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This Labrador’s Really Into This Adele Song!

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Rev has been into Adele’s version of the song, Make You Feel My Love, since he was a pup.

He looks to be dozing. But just as the song comes on, he’s up and alert, like someone threw a ball in his direction! You might need to turn the volume up near the start of the video to hear what woke him – it’s the sound of traffic and other noises right at the top of the song even before there’s any melody.

Rev then goes over to the laptop where the song’s playing and whimpers, like he’s thinking, “That’s my song. That’s my song right there. Sing it, Adele. Sing it, gurl.”

Then when Adele starts singing, he joins in! He croons along, lifting his face upwards, howling, wagging his tail, howling some more, continuing the duo.

At the very end, he seems to be walking away before the song finishes. Maybe he couldn’t take it anymore, needed some space to regroup! It’s not easy having that much soul. :-)

(Published on YouTube on 15th May. A whopping 3 million+ hits to date!)

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