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Unusual Methods: Airplane Banner Thanks Doctor for His Work

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Message of gratitude

Daniel Donagher paid to have this message of thanks flown for the surgeon who repaired his pelvis

A horseback riding incident left a man with broken pelvis on Valentine’s Day. He thanked the doctor who repaired it and restored his ability to walk again in a most unusual way. He rented a plane to fly overhear towing a banner that read “Dr. Daniel Chan is the man! Thanks Memorial staff. Don.”

Daniel Donagher was riding a horse in the Cayman Islands when he slid off. The fall left him with a broken pelvis. Donagher was airlifted from The Grand Cayman Islands to Fort Lauderdale Florida where his own doctor had found the best guy to take care of Donagher, Dr. Daniel Chan.

Chan says Donagher was in stable condition when he arrived at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Fla. The orthopedic surgeon needed to reset the alignment of his pelvis and restore stability so the patient would be able to walk again. Recovery is expected to take six to eight weeks and Donagher is expected to walk normally when he recovers.

The gesture of gratitude was appreciated by Chan who says it was completely unnecessary. He followed that with, “Don’s an interesting guy.”

When Donagher awoke from surgery, he was screaming with joy, proclaiming it was great to be alive. He says until you’re faced with this kind of situation, you just don’t understand how it feels.

As for is Valentine’s Day, Donagher says it was his one big opportunity of the year and now it’s passed. And his wife won’t let him have a rain check either.


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