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Vaccine For Multiple Cancers Showing Promise

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Vaccine For Multiple Cancers Showing Promise

Vaccine For Multiple Cancers Showing Promise

A medical study released today by the National Cancer Institute shows some of the biggest advancements in cancer treatment in a number of years. The research was specifically targeting breast and ovarian cancers and according to researchers the trial vaccine is actually showing some serious promise in terms of slowing the growth.

The research was not specifically dealing with actually preventing the cancer, it focused primarily on slowing or stopping the spread of cancerous cells. In nearly all cases the patients given the trial drug showed significantly less cancerous growth than untreated women which is a significant result for any type of cancer research.

Obviously it is still too early to say for sure that this vaccine is functional or will become a true vaccine for the cancer but for now researchers are incredibly hopeful that the information will go on to help future development. If the vaccine becomes more successful and passes multiple safety tests it will likely become the standard treatment in the next few years; down the road it would likely be adapted for other cancers as well.

In general this is great news for all breast and ovarian cancer patients as well as the health world in general. An advancement such as this has not been proven in years and it could very well be one of the final steps toward a successful and effective cancer treatment that has until now been so elusive to researchers and doctors around the world.

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