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Valentine’s Day Surprise: Couple Finds $11,000 by Golden Gate Bridge And Returns It!

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COuple finds $11,000 and returns it

Barbara and Carlos Landeros found $11,000 in cash on Valentine's Day and returned it

A romantic stroll along the Golden Gate Bridge on the way to a Valentine’s Day dinner netted a bit more than just a great view of the bay. Vallejo couple Barbara and Carlos Landeros found an astounding $11,000 in cash and not a soul in sight.

The money was found in a black camera bag. Barbara first commented that this was turning out to be a Valentine’s Day the pair would never forget.

A wallet containing credit cards and $1000 was inside the camera bag along with an envelope that contained $10,000 worth of $100 bills. Realizing the money could be anything from some kind of set up to drug money, the couple didn’t feel right about keeping the money.

They decided to take it to the San Francisco police department. They went to the San Francisco Hall of Justice where the policeman who accepted the money from them was shocked. Barbara explained that the money wasn’t theirs to keep and the officer commended them for being such good people. Barbara told him they were proud to be doing the right thing.

Police were able to locate the owners of the bag, a Chinese tourist who had stopped to take pictures at the Golden Gate with his family. The family drove to Vallejo tin an attempt to thank the Landeros but wound up leaving a handwritten note of thanks.

The discovery cost the Landeros their dinner plans. Instead they shared a meal at the McDonald’s across from the police station where they returned the money. As for the Chinese tourist, he has invited the Landeros to visit China and to stay at his home. The Landeros say they are giving it some thought.

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