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Vermont Waitress Gets $500 Tip from Man Honoring Brother’s Last Wish


Seth Collins has been traveling the country doling out $500 tips to deserving waiters and waitresses to honor the last request of his younger brother. On Wednesday, Julie Bombria was the recipient of the 81st such tip when she had the good fortune to serve Collins’ party of 8.

Bombria, 18, had worked at Friendly’s restaurant for 3 years and is putting herself through community college with dreams of attending a university someday. She had no clue who Collins was or that she would be receiving the supersized tip that evening.

Collins’ younger brother Aaron, died at the age of 30 from unknown causes. In a will Seth found on his brother’s computer, he asked him to “Leave an awesome tip (and I don’t mean 25%. I mean $500 on a … pizza).” Collins has now awarded 81 of these awesome tips as he travels around the country carrying out the wish.

Bombria was stunned to silence when she was given the tip before becoming deeply appreciative.

Collins made the first tip in July 2012, filmed it and posted it online where it went viral and triggered donations to the family’s website, The funds which exceed $50,000 and continue to grow have allowed Seth to carry out his mission. He says as long as there is money there, he will keep going. He still has 31 more trips planned and expects to be finished by January 2014. If ther is money left, he will continue to find deserving servers and give them $500 tips on his brother’s behalf.

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