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Walking Linked to Lower Stroke Risk

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Walking Linked to Lower Stroke Risk

Walking Linked to Lower Stroke Risk

A European medical study released this week shows some interesting connections between heart and brain health and exercise, obviously there is a link but this study showed that even just walking is enough to make a significant difference. The study focused primarily on women, but doctors say it likely applies to men as well, and what it found is that women who walk briskly for more than 210 minutes per week are significantly less likely to suffer a stroke.

This is great news because it once again goes to show that even a small amount of simple exercise can and will make a difference. Reducing the risk of a stroke is a big deal and simply walking is now being shown to be an effective way to do so. Researchers and doctors say this is absolutely great news because it means that it is quite a bit simpler than many researchers had previously thought.

Avoiding a stroke is a matter of interest to anyone and as a result there are multiple follow up studies being planned. It is only a matter of time before researchers determine exactly what type of exercise is the most effective but right now it appears that basically any exercise is good exercise.


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