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Weight Lifting Lowers Diabetes Risk

Weight Lifting Lowers Diabetes Risk

Weight Lifting Lowers Diabetes Risk

Everyone knows that exercise and healthy habits are the key to living a long and healthy life but now researchers are beginning to dig deeper into exactly what types of exercise are the most beneficial. This week a new study has confirmed that weight lifting can drastically reduce diabetes risk in women, regardless of other exercise habits. Basically according to the researchers, women who do at least one hour of weight training a week are significantly less likely to develop diabetes later in life.

This is great news for everyone because it has once again shown how much medicine and research have managed to advance towards prevention of various illnesses. Diabetes is a very real problem and now we know that just a little bit of exercise in the right areas can and does dramatically reduce the risk. At this point doctors are working closely with patients to try and determine what might be the most effective weight lifting but that won’t be known until future studies are released. For now doctors are very happy with the results and researchers are hopeful that they’ll be able to continue pinpointing highly effective exercise routines that can help everyone stay healthier.


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