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Woman’s Life Saved By Giving Blood

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Giving Blood Saves Woman's Life

Giving Blood Saves Woman's Life

We all know that giving blood can save lives, but did you ever think that giving blood could save your own life? One blood donor found out she had cancer by giving blood and thus saved her own life. Here is her story:

Kitty Shaw had been feeling a little blah and tired right before she went to the Blood Donor Center to give blood, but thought it was just a virus. A nurse at the Center took a blood sample as usual to see if her blood was ok for donating that day. The test showed that she was very anemic and couldn’t give blood.

She was in turn, very surprised, and thought she should probably go to the doctor to see why she was anemic. She went for a checkup with her GP shortly afterwards.

She found out some very bad news, she had chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which is the most common version.

She was quite shocked but she said it was a relief to know what was wrong, and that she knew she was not going to let the disease get the better of her. She was told that it was treatable, but not curable, and that it would likely return.

She underwent six months of chemotherapy and suffered through the weakness and tiredness that it caused. All during it, her husband was at her side giving his support. She said she lost her hair, but knew it was a worthwhile tradeoff instead of having cancer.

She is now in remission, and has been told that it could be five years before the disease returns. It’s not really something that anyone can know in advance.

So, the next time you think it’s too much of a bother to give blood, think of this story and do it. Even if you are in great health, you will still be helping save someone’s life in the process.

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