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Yelp Adding Restaurant Health Grades

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Yelp Adding Restaurant Health Grades

Yelp Adding Restaurant Health Grades

When it comes to restaurant ratings and info Yelp is pretty much the undisputed champion. Millions of people use Yelp to find and review restaurants and now they’re going to be adding another incredibly useful feature that will likely affect customers in a big way. Yelp currently only shows reviews written by visitors but soon they are going to begin showing a more official review for many restaurants; a health inspection report.

This change comes as a completely new addition to Yelp, and thanks to public health inspection records it should be relatively easy to implement. The program is going to be starting in New York City and San Francisco first but as long as the project is a success it is expected to expand across the entire platform soon. Health reviews are a big deal and Yelp is finally going to make it easy for potential consumers to see just how potential restaurants performed; more importantly it will begin forcing restaurants to step up their game.

Currently many health violations are not publicly available unless you look hard, this means many restaurants can get away with some violations. Thanks to Yelp making this easily accessible information that will likely come to an end very soon in most locations.

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