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Vitamin C Helps Fight Cancer

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Vitamin C Helps Fight Cancer

Vitamin C Helps Fight Cancer

Chemotherapy is currently the most commonly used cancer fighting medicine on the market. Unfortunately there are a number of side effects and problems that make it less than appealing but there isn’t much most doctors can do beside us it on their cancer patients. Fortunately this week a study shows that one very simple vitamin can have a significant impact on the effectiveness and can essentially reduce the length of treatment required.

The biggest problem with chemotherapy is that it can and does kill cells that are not cancerous, fortunately according to the study vitamin C helps the treatment specifically target bad cancer cells. Doctors are incredibly happy with the results showing that vitamin C treatments helped and are planning to begin using it as a standard part of the treatment in many cases. More studies are being conducted to determine exactly why vitamin C does what it does, they’re also working to determine whether or not any other vitamins could be just as effective.

As a whole this is great news and will likely revolutionize the cancer treatment industry. Multiple follow up studies are being conducted and will likely yield even more positive results.


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