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Widow Honors Husbands Dying Request; Travels Country in Pink

Alison Miller enjoyed a passionate24-year marriage to Chuck Dearing. When he was suddenly taken from her by cancer last spring, her world came to an abrupt end. Honoring his last wishes, she has embarked on a journey to celebrate him and the love they shared. In 2009, the couple decided to pack it all in [...]

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Instagram Reunites 2 Sisters Who Haven’t Seen Each Other for 18 Years

Modern technology has been behind some of the most amazing stories of this century. This one comes from social media site, Instagram. Nia Edwards, 23, had been out of touch with her 42 year old sister Brenda for roughly 18 years. After trying to find her through social networks Facebook and MySpace, Nia turned to [...]

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Afghan National Guard vets reunited with 8 battlefield dogs

Reunions among soldiers who once served together are a long-standing tradition but a few of the men who served in Afghanistan with the National Guard recently enjoyed an unusual reunion. While stationed in the Middle Eastern country, the adopted a 65-pound, mixed breed stray dog. They were reunited with her and her 7 frolicking puppies [...]

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4 Men Tackle Cincinnati Purse Snatcher

The screams of a woman brought 4 Good Samaritans to her aid last Thursday in downtown Cincinnati. The woman, an attorney whose identity is being protected, screamed that someone had taken her purse. She had been walking westbound along E. Seventh Street at about 11 a.m. A man came up from behind and grabbed her [...]

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NATO And Russia Planning To Meet

While the entire debacle in Russia and Ukraine is far from good news, there have been a few glimmers of hope from both sides. There have been numerous threats and possible sanctions proposed that would be nothing but bad news for the world, but today both Russia and NATO announced that they are in fact [...]

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Google Planning to Expand Fiber Network

Currently Google Fiber is only available in very select markets in the United States and while they’ve been a pretty big success Google has been a little slow to branch out any beyond those areas. Fortunately this week Google announced that they’re now officially considering adding numerous large metropolitan areas to their Google Fiber coverage [...]

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Paris Cat Cafe Offers Patrons ‘Purr Therapy’ with Their Coffee

A new café in Paris is offering patrons a chance to enjoy a little one-on-one time with a member of the cat population while they enjoy their coffee and croissants. The “Cafe des Chats” is situated at the center of the Marais district in France’s capital and most famous city. There, visitors will find a [...]

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Google Sends Support Message Via Doodle

Recently Google has been doing more and more with their homepage doodle and today is one of the more inspiring doodle’s they have had. Today’s Google doodle was created to show support and encouragement for the Winter Olympic athletes while also showing support for the gay community as a whole. Leading up to the beginning [...]

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Father Dying of Cancer Writes 800 Napkin Notes for His daughter’s Future Lunches

Garth Callaghan has been battling cancer since 2011 He first learned he had prostate cancer in November of 2011. He was diagnosed with kidney cancer twice more after that. According to his oncologist, he is going to die from it. That hasn’t stopped him from trying to be the best father he can be. The [...]

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Woman Gives Her Family Incredible Gift Two Years after Her Death

David Schmitz was asked to appear on a local radio station as part of a “Christmas Wish” program. Schmitz was to hear a letter written by his wife before she died two years ago. You will need the tissues for this one. Brenda Schmitz died in September of 201`1 from ovarian cancer. She left behind [...]

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