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Cat Rescued after Being Stuck Atop a Utility Pole for 3 Days

We’ve all heard stories about the local fireman rescuing a cat stuck in a tree. What happens when the cat is stuck atop a utility pole with powerful electrical cables running off in several directions? That’s what one Las Cruces, New Mexico family found out about recently when the family pet climbed a utility pole [...]

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Girl Scout Cookie Season Begins

Every spring thousands of girls around the United States begin one of the most anticipated and appreciated fundraisers ever, the sale of Girl Scout Cookies. This fundraiser is not only a great way to keep this incredible organization alive and well, it is also a much anticipated time of year for the millions of Americans [...]

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Man Finds Child’s Letter to Santa and Fulfills Her Wish

Joie, a 5-year-old member of the kindergarten class at St. Rose of Lima in Chula Vista, wrote her Christmas wish on a scrap of paper meant for Santa. She and her classmates attached their wishes to balloons and set them free, filling the sky with colorful balloons. Her letter to Santa asked for a mermaid [...]

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Man Throws $1000 into Mall Crowd; Wants To Do It Again

Visitors to the Mall of America were astounded when money started falling from above on Black Friday. A Minnesota man, Serge Votobyov, went to the mall with $1,000 in small bills that day with the intention of making some people pretty happy. As a crowd gathered round a trio that was performing the Christmas carol, [...]

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Vermont Waitress Gets $500 Tip from Man Honoring Brother’s Last Wish

Seth Collins has been traveling the country doling out $500 tips to deserving waiters and waitresses to honor the last request of his younger brother. On Wednesday, Julie Bombria was the recipient of the 81st such tip when she had the good fortune to serve Collins’ party of 8. Bombria, 18, had worked at Friendly’s [...]

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Christmas Tree of Toys from Town’s Display Will Be Donated to the Needy

The town of Silver Spring, MD has taken the spirit of the season to a whole new level and it involves the town’s Christmas tree display in a way that helps those in need. This is the second consecutive year that the Downtown Silver Spring, a local group of shopping merchants and The Arts and [...]

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San Franciscans Rescued by a 5 Year-Old Cancer Patient Living Out His Wish as Batkid

The Make-A-Wish Foundation and the citizens of San Francisco made 5-year-old cancer survivor, Miles’ wish come true – he got to be Batkid for a day and rescue slews of citizens from iconic Batman villains. The northern Californian kid is in remission from leukemia and had the foundation if he could become Batman. He was [...]

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Traffic Stops on New Jersey Turnpike as Truckers Stops to Help Injured Swan

Fred Kowal, a truck driver hauling debris Thursday near the Meadowlands stopped to assist a pair of swans that had wandered onto the highway. One seemed to be injured. The injured bird and its apparent mate were in danger and Kowal, an animal lover and former bird owner himself, took matters into his own hands. [...]

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Couple Injured at Boston Marathon Builds New Life Together

  The tragedy that occurred at the Boston Marathon has brought one couple closer together and given them a plan for their shared future. Together they hope to build a new home and the support system they hope will carry them through the long road to recovery which lies before them. Rebekah Gregory was a [...]

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A Five-Year-Old Girl Stands Up To Hate with Lemonade

  A youngster is taking on one of the most notorious churches in history, battling their message of hate and homophobia with a message of peace and love with her lemonade stand. Jayden Sink is raising money for Planting Peace, a nonprofit organization that works to save the rainforests, supports orphanages and helps get much-needed [...]

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