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Whitehouse Supports Net Neutrality

Net neutrality has been a big headline multiple times in the past few years and despite there being a lot of arguing, no real resolution has ever been reached. Today that argument is once again back in the headlines but this time it is looking like good news. President Obama officially announced today that he […]

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Facebook Announced New Safety Feature

Today Facebook announced yet another new feature. Unlike many of the updates from Facebook this one is actually going to be very useful and will likely be a big hit. The new feature is named “Safety Check” and it is designed to help people tell their loved ones that they are ok, primarily following a […]

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First 3-D Printer Vertebra Used to Treat 12-Year-Old Cancer Patient

The wonders of the 3-D printer are just beginning to populate the common consciousness and for one 12-year-old boy, the fantastical invention is changing his life. Minghao of China learned about two months ago that he had Ewing’s sarcoma, a type of bone cancer usually discovered in children. There was a tumor lodged on the […]

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Astronomers Discover New Earth-Like Planet

This week a group of astronomers released information about a new planet that has been discovered. In the ongoing quest to discover and understand the universe new planets are found relatively often, but it isn’t very often that a planet this similar to Earth is discovered. The new planet might be nearly 500 light-years away, […]

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Bacteria Could Grow into Solar Panels

The idea of cheaper and easier to manufacture solar panels is something that many companies have been working towards for a long time now. Solar panels are without a doubt one of the most promising forms of renewable energy which means it could be the future of power. Unfortunately the cost and complexity keep holding […]

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Google Brings Polar Bears to Streetview

Google’s “streetview” feature is incredibly popular and has really begun to capture most of the world so users can see almost anywhere they want in just an instant. This week, however, Google added some unique and exciting areas to streetview that are truly breathtaking. Specifically, Google added a series of locations throughout the tundra so […]

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Hydrogen-Solar Power Could Be the Future

This week a group of researchers announced some very promising scientific advancements that could eventually lead the way towards more environmentally friendly power sources. Currently solar power is looking very promising but night time will always be a big problem, this new solution might be the perfect way to store the sun’s energy so it […]

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Tech Giants Support NSA Overhaul Proposal

Ever since news of the NSA’s spying capability and extreme reach began to spread millions of Americans have become concerned even more about their privacy online. At this point the NSA still has very few limitations or restrictions but as support continues to grow among the people more and more companies have also stepped into […]

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FAA Officially Approves Electronics Ruling

Ever since mobile electronics became a reality the FAA has banned passengers from utilizing these devices during critical times, such as takeoff and landing. Fortunately today the FAA officially accepted a new set of policies that will essentially allow passengers to leave their electronic devices on during the entire flight. This is great news for […]

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Politicians Fighting For Lower Automotive Emissions

Pollution and car emissions are two very intertwined problems that many people are constantly upset about. Obviously in the past few years or decades cars have become much more environmentally friendly thanks to cleaner fuels and newer technology, but for many people this still isn’t enough. Fortunately today a group of state Governors formed a […]

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