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First 3-D Printer Vertebra Used to Treat 12-Year-Old Cancer Patient

The wonders of the 3-D printer are just beginning to populate the common consciousness and for one 12-year-old boy, the fantastical invention is changing his life. Minghao of China learned about two months ago that he had Ewing’s sarcoma, a type of bone cancer usually discovered in children. There was a tumor lodged on the […]

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9/11 Victim Who Lost Dad Helps Newtown Victims Heal

Amanda Gregory, like so many others, is touched and reminded of the events of 9/11. That is the day she lost her father. The school shooting at the Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary School stirred her feelings of grief like nothing since that fateful day 13 years ago. Gregory, 32, who lives just 40 minutes away […]

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California Blue Whales Showing Recovery

Nearly 100 years ago multiple oceanic studies showed that the California blue whale was nearing extinction, and it was all due to the rate they were being hunted at. Fortunately a lot has changed since then and research now shows that the numbers are growing very steadily. This is absolutely great news for multiple reasons […]

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Japan to Offer new Ebola Treatment

Amidst the growing concerns about the spread of the Ebola virus, a company in Japan is offering what could be the solution. A drug that has been widely used in Japan against the flu is also being used as an experimental Ebola treatment, and apparently it is expected to do a good job. Given the […]

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Sacramento Man Lost for 5 Days in Woods; Rescued by Spelling ‘Help’ with Pine Needles

A man from West Sacramento, California went fishing in the wilderness and got lost. He spent a terrifying and grueling days alone wondering if he would make it alive and ever see his wife again. Mike Vilhauer went fishing on Aug. 6. Since his luck was running low, he decided to try changing the bait […]

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97-Year-Old Grandmother Drives a Big Rig to Cross Off Bucket List Item

Many people have dreams they never realize. One woman, a 97-year-old great-grandmother from New Jersey, has a bucket list of goals she still wants to complete. This past week, she notched one of those goals off her list when she drove a semi-truck, a dream she’s had for most of her life. Vera Abruzzi has […]

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Fallen Marine’s Tribute Flag Found at Flea Market, Returned to his Mom

Fallen Marine’s Tribute Flag Found at Flea Market, Returned to his Mom

The mother of a fallen Marine received an unexpected gift from two strangers. They returned her son’s tribute flag almost ten years after his death. Patsy Maciel of Houston, Texas, got a strange message on Facebook from a couple she didn’t know. They claimed they had something of her son’s and wanted to return it […]

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Man Paralyzed on Hawaii Vacation Gets Help to Get Flight Home

Todd Duitsman was enjoying a vacation in Hawaii when the unthinkable happened. Duitsman was body surfing at Big Beach on Maui along the shore break. A large wave picked him up, swept him inward and slammed him, head first in the sand. The incident left him paralyzed from the neck down and stranded for weeks […]

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A Brooklyn ‘Wedding Watcher’ Has Watched Wedding Parties Celebrate in the Same Spot for 40+ Years

Few things in life bring the kind of joy that a wedding does. It’s a happy occasion. Most everyone involved is filled with love and hope. That’s why Rhoda Hill is one of the ‘Wedding Watchers”, a group of people who congregate on Saturdays in a Brooklyn park to watch and share the joy. Hill […]

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Cute Puppy Gets Stuck in a Not-So-Cute Situation

We all have the impression of firefighters as heroes and they certainly deserve that honor. Even in their downtime, when they aren’t fighting fires and rescuing people from mangled cars involved in traffic accidents, they are rescuing kittens from trees. That is our impression anyway. Recently, the men of the Kern County Fire Department demonstrated […]

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