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Winter’s Snows Can’t Keep One Man from His Daily Expression of Love for His Departed Wife

What could be more touching than a widower making the daily trip to visit a little park bench dedicated to the memory of his late wife? How about the fact that every day he makes the trip so he can bring her two small gifts and tell her about his day? Bud Caldwell, 82, lost […]

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Girl’s Dying Wish to Help the Homeless Inspires Others to Help

An 11-year-old girl who battled cancer for more than a year succumbed to her illness in November but not without leaving her mark on this world. Natalia Marsh-Welton of Cincinnati, Ohio valiantly fought brain cancer and her final wish has inspired others to help out and give back.   Natalia’s final wish, through the Make-A-Wish […]

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Beloved Bagel Shop Employee Receives Gift of Car from Customers

Customers recently surprised a beloved bagel shop employee with a random act of kindness that stuns and inspires. Shirley Ratliff has been taking three different buses to get to work every day at Bruegger’s Bagel Shop in Raleigh, North Carolina where she has worked since 2006. The 47-year old worker had been saving for a […]

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Secret Santa Surprises Fast-food Workers with $100 Bills

It’s the time of year when we begin to hear stories of strangers performing random acts of kindness and this year, the town of Hyannis, Massachusetts is the beneficiary. A stranger who bears more than a passing resemblance to Santa Claus has been visiting local fast food restaurants and making gifts of crisp $100.00 bills […]

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Pearl Harbor Survivors Reunite, Promise It Won’t Be Last Time

A bittersweet anniversary took place as fur of the remaining nine survivors of the USS Arizona were reunited for the anniversary of one of America’s darkest days. The men promised it would not be the last time they are together. In advance of the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor that sank their ship, […]

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Whitehouse Supports Net Neutrality

Net neutrality has been a big headline multiple times in the past few years and despite there being a lot of arguing, no real resolution has ever been reached. Today that argument is once again back in the headlines but this time it is looking like good news. President Obama officially announced today that he […]

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Facebook Announced New Safety Feature

Today Facebook announced yet another new feature. Unlike many of the updates from Facebook this one is actually going to be very useful and will likely be a big hit. The new feature is named “Safety Check” and it is designed to help people tell their loved ones that they are ok, primarily following a […]

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One Random Act of Kindness Is the Day’s Lesson for Some College Students

At Indiana Wesleyan University, CEO of Residential Education, Keith Newman, found a way to teach the lesson of giving to his students and faculty during a recent chapel service. The lesson, “do for one what you wish you could do for everyone” was demonstrated this past Wednesday with the pizza delivery man from Domino’s Pizza. […]

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Man Plans To Have Coffee With Each Of His 1,000 Facebook Friends

In this day and age, we are more apt to strike up a conversation with someone we don’t know personally through social media than we are with the person sitting next to us on the bus or the subway. Australian student Matt Kulesza Wants to rekindle good old fashioned face time with real, live human […]

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‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston Grants Wish of Terminally Ill Teen

A young man battling cancer was granted a wish from his bucket list and that wish was to meet Bryan Cranston, star of “Breaking Bad.” Brad Joyner, 19, has a form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma. Though the survival rate for this type of cancer isn’t great, the Mebane, North Carolina teen hasn’t lost […]

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