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E-Cigarette Industry To be Regulated Soon

This week a significant congressional report was released regarding the now booming electronic cigarette industry. At this point electronic cigarettes are essentially unregulated and many health experts have been questioning this for quite some time. The good news is that today the congressional report, along with the world health organization, announced that they have decided [...]

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Nine-Year-Old Boy Rides for Help After Dad Is Injured in Snowmobile Crash

Never underestimate the power of children as one quick-thinking 9-year-old boy recently demonstrated. This is a child you want around during a crisis. The Marin County, California boy is credited with saving the life of his father who had been injured in a snowmobiling accident near Lake Tahoe on Sunday. J.T. Bierdneau was trapped when [...]

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Instagram Reunites 2 Sisters Who Haven’t Seen Each Other for 18 Years

Modern technology has been behind some of the most amazing stories of this century. This one comes from social media site, Instagram. Nia Edwards, 23, had been out of touch with her 42 year old sister Brenda for roughly 18 years. After trying to find her through social networks Facebook and MySpace, Nia turned to [...]

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Afghan National Guard vets reunited with 8 battlefield dogs

Reunions among soldiers who once served together are a long-standing tradition but a few of the men who served in Afghanistan with the National Guard recently enjoyed an unusual reunion. While stationed in the Middle Eastern country, the adopted a 65-pound, mixed breed stray dog. They were reunited with her and her 7 frolicking puppies [...]

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Bacteria Could Grow into Solar Panels

The idea of cheaper and easier to manufacture solar panels is something that many companies have been working towards for a long time now. Solar panels are without a doubt one of the most promising forms of renewable energy which means it could be the future of power. Unfortunately the cost and complexity keep holding [...]

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4 Men Tackle Cincinnati Purse Snatcher

The screams of a woman brought 4 Good Samaritans to her aid last Thursday in downtown Cincinnati. The woman, an attorney whose identity is being protected, screamed that someone had taken her purse. She had been walking westbound along E. Seventh Street at about 11 a.m. A man came up from behind and grabbed her [...]

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Boston Marathon bombing survivor dances again

In last year’s horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon, Adrianne Haslet-Davis was among the injured. The pretty young woman had been a professional dancer up until that fateful moment when a pressure cooker bomb exploded and caused her the loss of part of her left leg. This past Wednesday, Haslet-Davis returned to the stage as [...]

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Cat Rescued after Being Stuck Atop a Utility Pole for 3 Days

We’ve all heard stories about the local fireman rescuing a cat stuck in a tree. What happens when the cat is stuck atop a utility pole with powerful electrical cables running off in several directions? That’s what one Las Cruces, New Mexico family found out about recently when the family pet climbed a utility pole [...]

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FDA Approved First Migraine Prevention Device

Today the FDA announced their ruling on an innovative and new device that many people have been eagerly awaiting. The Cefaly is essentially a headband that can be worn to prevent migraines from developing, which would bring a significant amount of relief to the millions of people that suffer from regular migraines. The way it [...]

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Researchers Say Baby was Cured of HIV

Research released this week by a medical group in Florida makes some shocking and potentially groundbreaking claims. About 9 months ago a baby was born in Mississippi with HIV, and now reports are showing that the treatment given and the steps taken have in fact cured the child of HIV. Doctors say it is absolutely [...]

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