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California Blue Whales Showing Recovery

Nearly 100 years ago multiple oceanic studies showed that the California blue whale was nearing extinction, and it was all due to the rate they were being hunted at. Fortunately a lot has changed since then and research now shows that the numbers are growing very steadily. This is absolutely great news for multiple reasons […]

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Sacramento Man Lost for 5 Days in Woods; Rescued by Spelling ‘Help’ with Pine Needles

A man from West Sacramento, California went fishing in the wilderness and got lost. He spent a terrifying and grueling days alone wondering if he would make it alive and ever see his wife again. Mike Vilhauer went fishing on Aug. 6. Since his luck was running low, he decided to try changing the bait […]

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Living the Simple Life to Help the Puffins of Seal Island

    Jenny Howard and her small team of interns spend summers on Seal Island off the coast of Maine in an effort to monitor and help the fledgling puffin population there. Howard has been at it for the last three summers and her efforts have helped restore the populations of several sea bird species […]

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Indonesia Celebrates Birth of Rare Baby Elephant

  An adorable, 90 kilo (198 pound) baby elephant was born earlier this month in Indonesia. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the little tyke arrived on Aug.9 in the Tesso Nilo National Park. Mom, a 35 year old Sumatran elephant gave birth after a 20 to 22 month pregnancy and mother and baby are […]

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Sharks Receive International Protection

This week the CITES conference, a major conference on protecting and preserving ocean wildlife, officially added five shark species to the international protection program. This is a big deal because the 5 species in question have been fighting for the protection for nearly 20 years and now it has finally been granted. Due to the […]

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New Light Bulb Promises Better Efficiency

Since the incandescent light bulb came out there hasn’t really been a whole lot of advancement in the lighting. There are a number of improved designs that are widespread but none of them are drastically different than the original, at least until now. A new light bulb unveiled this week is made of high tech […]

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U.S. Sees Increase in Auto Sales

This fall brought a major tragedy to the north eastern United States with Hurricane Sandy; much of the area was destroyed or damaged severely and millions of people are still in the process of recovering from the storm. The good news is that there is some hope and there are signs that the recovery is […]

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Dozens of Whales Beached in Scotland; Some Rescued

More than two dozen pilot whales beached themselves on the beach in Fife, Scotland, just south of St. Andrews. Ten were refloated and returned to deeper waters after being stranded however, sixteen other died on the beach. Veterinarians were on the scene and did what they could to keep as many of the 20-foot creatures […]

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Farmers Banding Together in Drought-Stricken Wisconsin

Scorching heat and record low rainfall has hit farmers across the country hard as Scott Bayer can attest. He is forced to do much of his farm work after dark to avoid the heat.  With the State Fair approaching, Bayer typically enjoys this time of year when all the hard work he has done getting […]

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Wisconsin Zoo Takes in “Rescued” Bear Cub

A family found this American black bear cub in Oregon and believing him to be lost or orphaned, took him home in April. Realizing they were ill-equipped to care for the animal, they soon called the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, who stepped in and found him lodging at the Oregon Zoo. The two-and-a-half […]

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