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New Light Bulb Promises Better Efficiency

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New Light Bulb Promises Better Efficiency

New Light Bulb Promises Better Efficiency

Since the incandescent light bulb came out there hasn’t really been a whole lot of advancement in the lighting. There are a number of improved designs that are widespread but none of them are drastically different than the original, at least until now. A new light bulb unveiled this week is made of high tech plastic polymers that allow it to create brighter and cleaner light with significant less energy than most bulbs.

Unlike traditional light bulbs this new polymer bulb does not even rely on a single piece of metal to heat up and create a luminescent glow. The poly bulb uses a new technology that actually allows the polymer itself to glow when electricity flows through the body. Because electricity is not being used explicitly for heat and power this bulb will be a significant amount more economical and will require much less power to operate.

The bulb is still in the development stages but researchers say it is looking really good at this point. They are hopeful that this technology will be on the market in the coming years for people to buy which will drive energy costs down. The polymer bulb is also expected to have an incredibly long life time which will save even more money and contribute greatly to the green energy cause.

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